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Guys and Dolls

by: SirWilho   “If I could hear your bones creak like that every day I would wake up and hunt with you the entire year,” said my loving son after I stood up in our double tree stand. “Sounded kinda like branches snapping,” he then adds with a wonderful long laugh. A 45 year old […]

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An Optimistic Cynic

by SirWilho   Years of life have left me to marvel at how I can still be duped so easily.  Why and how can I fall for erroneous claims of persons self proclamations and/or a product they sell or show?   Now, you might be wondering, “hmm, this guy usually writes about fun, lighthearted stuff and […]

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Sucker Season

Sucker Season   By SirWilho   “Okay Mit, on the count of three let’s spear ‘em,”  said the very excited me to my spearing companion.  “One….  Two….. andda tree…,” So clear, concise, communication has not always been my strongpoint and what I failed to say explicitly to Mit was that he was supposed to give […]

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The Art of Not Being Cool

  The Art of Not Being Cool   By SirWilho   Long ago when I was a young lad I had a goal to become cool.  Fonzie-like cool to be exact.  My school locker would be stuck and with the absolute knowledge that I possessed coolness, I would give it a wack and expect the […]

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The Unthinkable

The Unthinkable by SirWilho I am going to go places with this story that no man should go.  Great fear of retribution from my fellows might ensue but since this is my story I’m writing it.  To me, this is like self-help medicine or a purging of shame I felt in the past. Today I […]

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Float like a Butterfly

Float Like a Butterfly By SirWilho   It was our lucky day.  We unearthed something from the depths of my Grandma’s old barn that would turn us into men.  Hidden away in the secret place where my dad and his brother stored the wine that made you partially blind and screaming about snakes, we found […]

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Flying Bugs

Flying Bugs   by SirWilho   “Tara dumped me,” I say to brother Bishop.  “She dumped you???,” replied Bishop, “yep,” says me.  “Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha,” Bishop taunts. I believe it was the summer of 1982 when this all came about, 30 years ago and it’s still burned in my brain.  Woe was me […]

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